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Filters And Combiners

RF filter: In RF/microwave systems, it is usually necessary to separate several useful frequency signals from the signal spectrum and filter out other useless frequency signals. The equipment that completes this function is called a filter. Radio frequency/microwave filter refers to the filter in the radio frequency and microwave frequency band within the pass-band. The main types are low-pass filter, high-pass filter, band-pass filter and band-group filter.

RF combiner: RF combiner is generally used at the transmitting terminal, and its function is to combine two or more RF signals sent from different transmitters into one RF device that is sent to the antenna for signal or power transmission, and at the same time, to avoid the mutual influence of signals at various ports.

RF combiner generally has two or more input ports and one or several output ports. The main parameters are loss, VSWR, isolation, suppression, inter-modulation, power handling and so on, which are widely used in mobile communication equipment and network engineering.

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