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RF Connectors

RF coaxial adapters and connector is the key basic component of signal transmission in communication. RF connector is connected with coaxial cable, microstrip line or other RF transmission lines to realize the electrical connection and separation of transmission lines or the original of different types of transmission lines. Therefore, RF coaxial connector is equivalent to playing a bridge role in signal transmission. According to different use needs and frequency requirements, it is divided into N \ DIN \ 4.3-10 \ BNC \ TNC \ SMA \ SMB \ SMC \ NEX10 \ 2.2-5 \ 1.85 \ 2.92 \ 3.5 and so on.

Almost all RF adapters and connectors and cables have standardized 50Ω impedance. The only exception is the cable TV connector of 75Ω TV system. It is also important that the RF coaxial cable connector has the characteristic impedance matching the cable.

The working frequency range of RF connectors must be paid attention to in high frequency and high speed fields. The frequency is divided into several grades, such as 1-6GHz, or 0-18GHz, 20GHz, 27GHz, 40GHz, 50GHz, 67GHz, 110GHz or even higher.

Insertion loss is a concern of all connectors. It's just that the loss of RF connectors is relatively small (if it is too large, it means there is a problem). Generally, it is within 0.1-0.5dB within the frequency range of interest.

Other important parameters are return loss、plugging times etc.

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