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Customer product customization-Cluster directional coupler

Cluster coupler is a product idea put forward by comba in 2022, which can reduce the number of connectors installed and can be installed quickly.
Our company designed and put into research and development according to this concept, and designed this product. The frequency of research and development products is 698~3800Mhz. And applied for related patents, it is expected good application in 2023.

Customer product customization-DC pass directional coupler

The DC-DC coupler is a product concept put forward by china unicom first Because the common passive directional coupler can not pass DC at all ports, for some DAS or inbuilding wireless coverage may need DC supply,so vinncom design series air-dielectric directional couplers for DC pass at all ports. 550-2700MHz,550-3800MHz,698-4000MHz with 3~30dB coupling and N female\4.3-10female or other RF connectors.Also we got patents in 2008 .

Customer product customization-Air dielectric 3dB SISO hybrid

Same side inputs and same side outputs Air dielectric 3dB Hybrid is a product developed by our company in cooperation with comba in 2006.
The input and output of the device are in the same side, which makes the engineering installation more convenient. On the basis of Low PIM research and development, our company has developed series 3dB hybrid products with different frequencies for market , and this series of products is used in all distributed antenna systems. And got related patents in 2007 ,vinncom also participated the draft of  the standards for china mobile for this series 3dB hybrid coupler together with comba .
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